I have worked with PacketLogix at three different organizations over the past eight years. In each case, PacketLogix went beyond expectations in terms of service, responsiveness and problem solving. Specifically, PacketLogix is the company I would recommend for organizations looking for outside IT support during IT build outs, system-wide software roll outs and complicated hardware / software integrations.

The first time I engaged PacketLogix was during the installation of a new EHR that interfaced with treatment devices (linear accelerators) and a sophisticated treatment planning system. PacketLogix facilitated the transfer of many thousands of DICOM images with zero data loss. They also worked with the hardware and software vendors to ensure a seamless transfer with zero downtime.

The second time I hired them was to assist with the installation of a new system wide ERP across 15 departments and 1200 employees. The project had been delayed by over a year. With PacketLogix’s help, I was able to transition the entire organization to the new ERP within a few months of starting with the company.

Recently, I worked with PacketLogix to build out a brand new ambulatory care center. PacketLogix designed the IT system from the cabling plans to the server configuration to the WiFi set up. PacketLogix is expert at meeting the IT needs of the medical community. And they do it on time within budget.

I highly recommend Terrence Boylan and his team.

Lucy Maddock Chief Financial Officer
Rhode Island Public Health Institute

PacketLogix has given us an insightful look at the security we have in place and the policies we dictate, with complete respect for our infrastructure and what we are unable to disclose.

PacketLogix offers a wide variety of services with no pressure. They are willing to have long term or short-term relationships based on our needs, while working on a project with the solutions are presented when needed.

They are willing to hear what your concerns are and will work with you on any shortcoming whether It’s for your current project or a project in the future.

Michael Oliver CIO
Claflin Medical

Terrence Boylan, the CEO of PacketLogix, gave an outstanding presentation to our group on CyberSecurity, and it was excellent. He was an engaging, well-informed speaker who captured the crowd's attention and who was easily able to answer questions as audience members brought up concerns relating to their businesses. I would highly recommend Terrence as a speaker to anyone who wants to know more about this important topic.

Elin Barton CEO and President
White Knight Productions

Dedicated To Customer Success

Brett SmithOne major benefit of working with PacketLogix is the recent transition to a more stable and robust Wi-Fi system.

It is comforting to understand you know the product you sold me inside and out. The installation and deployment went smoothly

Bottom line for us is that Terrence and his team are dedicated to customer success; and they’re nice people.

Brett Smith Partner
FUSE Sports Marketing
Burlington, Vermont

PacketLogix has been a fantastic partner in meeting our IT needs in our community clinic setting. They have presented and implemented effective IT solutions, and worked with us on a number of challenging issues. We are extremely pleased with their service and responsiveness as different issues have come up. We look forward to working with them as a long-term partner.

Dr. Philip A. Chan, MD Medical Director
Open Door Health

Security Delivered!

We are a full-service boatyard and require a completely secure technology environment that protects our business. PacketLogix continues to be our go-to for our network IT, security and security cameras. The team has very sharp engineers and excellent customer service. Their pricing is also competitive while delivering high value.

I am extremely happy with their service and solutions and recommend that you give them an opportunity to serve you as well.

Brad Niemiec President
Niemiec Marine
New Bedford, MA

A Dream Come True!

As the owner of a small business, my time is at a premium. PacketLogix takes all IT and technology decisions off my plate so I can focus on other aspects of my business where I am needed. Terrence and his team are personable and knowledgeable and are a great resource for a business of any size.

They are the only IT firm I will work with. Call and talk to Terrence now!

Maria Martinez Co-Founder
Whetstone Workshop
Providence, RI

Right The First Time, Every Time

PacketLogix brings with them an excellent understanding of all things wireless. They have the ability to design complex WLAN’s, install them, and then offer day-2 support. They’re a full-service shop that is able to get as deep in the weeds as necessary to implement a technology. If they don’t know something, they figure it out quickly and accurately. Their size makes them extremely agile and easy to work with. Think long and hard about the personalized support you’ll receive from PacketLogix, you will not find that at many of the larger firms that just aren’t capable of supporting some very specialized technology. PacketLogix has always done the job right, from day 1 for as long as I’ve been dealing with them. How many firms can you say that about?

Andrew K. Network Administrator
$29 Billion Hedge Fund
New York, NY

A Valued Extension Of Our Team

While working with PacketLogix we’ve had a number of positive experiences. The first was the successful full integration of a new wireless system that was completed in a very short period of time, and the successes have only continued from there. PacketLogix works with our school in a partnership format. They listen to our IS team to better understand the issues and then come back with potential solutions that integrate within our existing systems and culture. They are always readily available for questions in regards current projects, best practices and industry standards. To someone on the fence, I would tell them that the team at PacketLogix uses an approach by which they become an extension of the IS team.  By doing this, there is a natural integration and transfer of knowledge from PacketLogix to the internal team as well as a respect and understanding of the underlying school's environment.

Cindy Fanikos CFO
St. John's Preparatory School
Danvers, MA

Approach And Professionalism Second  To None - Even Over The Holidays

The single biggest benefit to our company—and to me personally—has been the speed and accuracy with which PacketLogix got us back up and running after an outage. That I could call the last business day before a holiday weekend and have you here within the hour to pick-up our hard drive, hear by early evening that your attempted recovery was a success, have someone work through the night to extract all the data, and then have you deliver a full solution back to us in days—even with the Christmas holiday—sets you in a league of your own. Your approach and professionalism were second to none.

Often professional service companies claim to provide a host of services and succeed on some but fail on others. PacketLogix succeeded across the board and truly provided a full-service solution that exceeded expectations at every turn and function.

In my opinion, organizations should pick their professional service partners based on honesty and integrity—especially when data is a consideration. Terrence and his team were truly engaged and partnered to address all the challenges that presented to our business. Their concern was that we would experience as little down-time as possible and that we would be receiving exactly what we needed in as efficient a manner as possible. I trust Terrence, and I appreciate everything that his team provided to restore our data and reporting.

Ellen A. McNulty-Brown CEO
Lotuff Leather
Providence, RI