Optimize your processes and technology so your employees can create, store and use information more effectively.

Our Rhode Island-based team works with you to develop the right output management strategy and to provide cost-effective managed services.

We can reduce your printing and copy expense by as much as 35% while improving the efficiencies and security of your document output capabilities.

Printers can be hacked just like a PC and are a major entry point for viruses and ransomware.

Printers store user credentials and sensitive data that can be accessed if not encrypted and maintained on a regular interval.


  • Scan directly from copier to/from Sharepoint, OneDrive, or Outlook
  • Scan invoices and receipts directly into QuickBooks
  • Specially designed copier for the medical community that interfaces directly with most EMRs, insurance companies, and medical labs, and virtually eliminates the need for a fax.
  • We also offer printer fleet management, which includes toner replacement and repair service.
  • Scan directly into your shared drive or computer
  • Improve communication

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