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Knowing that network challenges are more often housed within an application rather than the network itself, PacketLogix is positioned to peer into your network and give you the most effective solutions.

Hearing complaints about your network? Oftentimes it is easier to assume connection issues are housed in the network rather than within an application. Packet...


Now that cloud based services are the norm rather than a rarity, PacketLogix works with you to get to the most effective cloud based platforms for your business.

In the not-too-distant past, cloud services were an optional component for most companies.  Today, more and more mission critical applications are offering only cloud-based platforms and the cost for cloud...


Our proactive security solutions include on-premise, hybrid-cloud, and full cloud based networks depending on your security needs.

Network security offerings can no longer just be about looking at network traffic, finding...


PacketLogix specializes in network performance and mobility and we offer architecture design and planning for optimal deployment of your infrastructure.

As specialists in network performance and mobility, we recognize that, in some cases, the supporting infrastructure can be the cause of slow or spotty access.  PacketLogix offers architecture design, p...